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False operative system rule human society. Thus, UNIX lords would hardly call DOS an operative system, while Windows were never one: they were made to look like one in order to appease the masses versus serious and stable systems of the epoch. Nowadays there is reversal in trying to make some Linux distributions look like Windows.


Disinformation comes in the form of handy mental packages – easy to understand since completely false. Soon; these packages become traditional mental food for all as served by default – after that it is difficult to argue since tradition keeps the beehive scurrying to its own detriment.


One example of complete nonsense is the 12 ascendants in which people believe since they never ever rose – and never will – in the real sky. That we do have telescopes does not count as we never needed them at all: all one has to assert is Gemini at north when the “program”presents it at east. This ninety degrees “error” went collectively overlooked for the past 5000 years. In the society of the blind, the one-eyed is king? Not at all as cyclops are actually ruled by the blind.


The function of easily digestive packages is to make them all lose their souls which they either never had or noticed at all: thus loss does not even pass as unnoticed: you can't lose something you never knew you had: and for what purpose? People would not know what to do with their own souls even if they had them: experiments proved.


Assigning faux ascendant makes one lose one's soul: not that one would profit from having it, anyway. This goof – word used in its Hebrew meaning – ascendant is not even counter-demon proper: thus gross miscalculation is lost even for demonology: one can not even assert to which demon one's soul went lost: sold as Lehman.


If for the past 5000 years no human noticed precession, what did the observatories do? They mostly closed their eyes while keeping to tradition. You don't want to lose your job in attacking royal astrologer – as perhaps you are one. Here and there someone would peradventure voice an opinion or two – showing proofs – a fatal thing to do in a human society – was either silenced or ignored as people already understood easy lies as served by default.


The beehive may not illustrate human society too well since animals don't even make errors when it comes to precession – and neither plants do: adamant errors galore are exclusively human trait: humanity is apparently led by subhumans galore: how else to explain – if explainable – the following passage?


The example illustrates everything one needs but not want to know of human race – whatever that is. With flattery and technical progress set aside, modern man is reduced to a miserable bundle of asinine prejudices. Animals and plants in the area – aborigines included – therefore flora and fauna either saw or felt the glorious full Moon rising high above the eastern horizon. The human – however – knew better: he deployed his favorite application – and – weaving the tablet like some harebrained Moses – determined that the clearly visible Moon will “rise in 20 minutes”. Tis is the state of art nowadays. There is worse alright: programs actually made on purpose in order to mangle the astronomic skies, therefore telescope vision, in order to conform to global superstition: and they sell: because all that people ant i lies. Lies appease, make one feel better – traditional – they befit and make one fit into society. In other words: it is quite unlikely that anyone – and who? one may ask – would benefit society by the discreation of packages; as society would feel it as an attack upon their scared values. No proof will be proof enough versus superstition. It happened before: people killed or tried to kill avatars while marauding their own prophets galore: this trend may stop with the Redeemer nowhere at sight in 2017 ^ or 2025 ^^ but e.g. in 2014 ^ no more sanity was globally felt than in the Aeon surrounding it; thus even if a prophet was born among us, no one would notice at all – this time no one would even kill the – most probably female and half-Hebrew as safe – baby. Prophets and avatars – an unlikely breed – are therefore safe since no one would notice – the rabble that would slaughter Hypatia is now off gaming.


A hare would of course need no spectacles. Man despises animals who don't make mistakes at all.