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An introduction to instant future-changing requires a plain statement: anyone can predict any future, much like anyone can change it to one's own advantage. That being said, let us brightly proceed towards and along further avenues of elucidation.


In the course of the Aeon event, the reader may find two standard items of our mission peculiar: both are meant to help individual as well as humanity as whole as if in a global exorcism.


Divination is calculation; most commonly by memory: amateurs of all kinds have been briefly initiated into the simple art of prediction: thus, anyone can tell the day of your next marriage just like that; peripatetically as it were. Divination of that simplest kind often happens while walking with a friend, colleague or client: no special knowledge is required to tell the next dates for any events: both welcome and dreaded. Said dreaded dates mark incipient steps only: later on or very soon, indeed, we tend to dispose of them along with RTRRT, our premier suite of future-changing tools. That anyone can peruse both divination and future-changing tools is taken for granted: no special knowledge required: no time at all and it all clicks into place in minutes.


In regarding precise divination – by heart – along with instant future-changing as remarkable; one can check e.g. upon 20 Minutes Astrology and Snow Crash or Mini RTRRT initiation.


Whatever resists change, truth and everything good may be called average mindset. As conformity sinks one into superstition; one's own being becomes infatuated with all kind of crap: typically 12 ascendants: a very crucial hell-dog that will keep the soul as separated from Guardian Angel proper. It would be naïve to consider the 12 ascendants as mere superstition; since this demoniac device has kept trillions in hell.


May a simple example suffice. In order to predict 9-11, merely Orion Moon and Eris flat over the western NYC horizon in Cetus are needed: yet details are of course revealed by the Twins constellation. Gemini have not been rising at east for over 5000 years now and yet superstition insists upon “Gemini ascendant”. At the time when the “program calculates Gemini ascendant”, Gemini can be seen at north. That makes 90 degrees of shift or #QuarterSky – as 90 degrees can hardly be called an error, we call it apex of asinine stupidity adamant.


Note that “followers” of this “system” hold the real – natal or actual – skies in complete disregard; self-assured that there will always be asinine followers galore for just any harmful superstition. The quality of the message is of course not only zero but also damaging: one complete idiot “calculated” the Polar Star as ascendant of the USA: such dangerous nincompoops are alas held in high esteem because for reasons unknown they appear knowledgeable. That the Polar Star should rise at east just to satisfy raving mad people is matter of fact, and surely there is worse as full power is given to people who are worse than blind: they are openly evil.


Within a completely crooked atmosphere of whose is dumbest, to merely utter that Spica Virginis pertains to Virgo is sacrilege in hell.