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Modern Britain marks exceptional talent in picking perfectly wrong times for anything that synchronize once in a precession cycle. Here are the main issues:

  1. Brexit vote happens with Moon ditched – meaning people ditched – trapped in a moat.

  2. April fool :|:::| Brexit happens with Venus in Pegasus looming over new Moon in Cetus.

  3. May 4th coincides with Witchallow; therefore Sir Mordred, Hitler and the Illuminati.


The island of Britain derives its name from an Eneto or Venetian “Brutus” (latinizaton) who was first “British” king 2000 years ago; when Aries still rose as east as ascendant for Jesus Christ.


As the Paflago-Veneto were allies of Troy; said Brutus is vaguely marked as “of Troy”; therefore Trojan; much as a Sikkimese ||||||| would be vaguely (overrun by the) Chinese; large differences permitting. Therefore Britain was originally neither German nor Jewish as nowadays: it was Venetia.


Both settlers and locals enjoyed true sky astrology even more than 2000 years ago. The settlers-founders were excellent navigators while the locals knew of Cygnus galax and Orion stargate – the latter also introduced by Yahweh to the Levites. Jews of course never had astrology: much as Britons-to-be eventually lost any interest in true skies while settling for sheen coffee-table superstition. As the result neither Glastonbury nor Greenwich or Mill Hill have any notion of any zodiac at all; not to mention precession of the ascendants which is also unknown to Krishna: who was the last to see Gemini rising at east.


When the Eneti founded what was to become UK 2000 years ago, the future Britons were in fact in possession of genuine Venetian Astrology thus #AcademicZodiac in its prime. Perhaps the last who had at least a vague notion was a stranded but sincere magus of Mortlake: Dr. John Dee.


As London was founded by the Eneti, channel islands were reportedly defended from SPQR by Venetkians. The Romans thus invaded “Venice”; which later on proved key ally – saving the neck of the Latin republic - thrice.


What did the Venetians (apart from true skies zodiacs and horoscopes) bring to you? The list is vast, starting from noon bell to Disney; piano to pizza; warships to America...