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The Moon is in trapped position as isolated for Brexit vote. The Moon stands for people.


Much as much has been written of trapped planets; let us but remind the attentive reader that the Moon – the real Moon, that is – reenters Capricornus after Aquarius. The cetacean moon has similar trajectories. This type of position is like a ditch between twin towers – perhaps those of Manchester and London? In other words, the people fall into a trap: a moat that was built in order to protect high interests. Thus, as concern the people, life will not tend to be easier: they will feel trapped by a moat while controlled from some twin towers from the left and right – perhaps an allusion towards parliament? In that respect, Capricornus with its turreted or trapped planets will rule UK futures from now on: not a merry proposal concerning Damocles looming from above!


Varuna and Lamia aka Nemesis in Gemini tore WTC down on 9-11 with the western zero altitude assistance by Eris in Cetus and that 1992 QB1. Twin towers are all around us: typically DB or he Deutsche Bank acts even better than the Tower.