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Our purpose is to salvage, assist and defend a new generation from the plague of superstition. Superstition must go – away forever – in order for this planet to function. The initiate will understand that the work of the Devil must be utterly destroyed in order for the solar system to operate harmoniously. No matter how condescending one's stooping plankton ego gets collective, lies as multiplied will help no-one – it does not matter what your neighbor thinks – whether or not he never did and never will – the purpose is to salvage you and your family from the plague of mass superstition – in other words – assist global exorcism.


Taking Gemini for an example – said constellation never rose at east for the past 5000 years. Therefore for the said period there was no such thing as Gemini ascendant at all. Nowadays Gemini can be seen – that is observed – at north when popular “programs calculate” it at east. That makes ninety – 90 – degrees of “error” - permit us to call it thus. No one you know has a Gemini ascendant at all.


In the light of what we learned – and possibly observed – of Gemini, claiming popular superstition that calls itself astrology as the apex of asinine stupidity will come as no surprise at all. The thing has nothing to do with any sky at all, the least your natal one as everything has been fabricated. Surprised?


Your being candidly naïve does not justify swallowing misinformation galore in order to pass it on to the next degeneration. One of them is a frontal lie: the 12 ascendants: nothing like that ever rose in the real skies at east and never will. It is simply physically impossible.

Academic Zodiac


1008 Planets

Dozen of planets – all in their wrong placements

22 zodiacal signs

13 solar zodiacal signs

16 ascendants

12 faux ascendants

Cartesian house system

House systems galore – none that works

16 solar signs

13 solar signs

Everyone can predict anything in seconds

Inability to predict


Inability to change any future

Integration with other healthy systems

Lack of link with the Spirit

Angelic contact

Faux demoniac random mess