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Let us browse through dependability factors for some common presumptions.

# Considering the popular presumption of “13 zodiacal signs”, one would further assume 13 ascendants? That would be even worse blunder – providing that possibility – than the superstition of the 12 ascendants. As superstition can not, does not and never will prove anything – it does not have to – it is futile to go on and prove anything to those sunken into the marshes of superstition. Let them drown, better than risk the voyage. Thus, for the preferred, here's the illumination: the Sun does not determine the whole of the zodiac at all; technically there are 16 solar stations. # IAU bordersi (disagreeing) there are at least 15 solar stations in all. Sextans has been added on account of e.g. new Moon in Sextans. We write this with New Moon in Ophiuchus. # 12 ascendants. No such thing ever in the real sky. The fabrication is based on guesswork. Said guesswork comes from people who never observed east, don't now where east is or its whereabouts or have never even heard of the existence of east. Selfsame implicitly people assume that there no seasons at all with their Sun always rising at an east that can not be observed because it does not exist – except in the superstitious mind. Observation due as performed even with any naked eyes – not necessarily human – will show exactly 16 constellations as presently rising over any eastern horizon on this planet. # Surely Gemini was not an ascendant for the past 5000 years. Presently there are many assumed ascendants that do not rise at east: the last tiny star of Aries – a Lamb – rose at east last time 2000 years ago. Therefore here is the list of perchance presumed zodiacal ascendants that presently do not rise at east at all: Scutum, Sagittarius, Capricornus, Pegasus, Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Corvus, Crater, Libra, Scorpius, Taurus rises for an extremely brief time period – see on Taurine Ascendants. # Where are these constellations when the “programs calculate them at east”? Taking Gemini for an example, it is at North. Thus #QuarterSky or ninety (90) degrees of shift: not bad in a civilization as claiming 5000 years of non-predictive astronomy, indeed. # How was it possible that a 90-degrees error went unnoticed over a 5000 years span? You tell us. # There are of course theories; but each and every exposes human error more and more towards the apex of adamant asinine stupidity itself. And there is worse. Astrology was not the only thing they taught how to recurrently lie to each other. # The sky is not a circle. Even the Bible tentatively expands its equally tentative translation to globe. That is, we tend to project our own globe towards infinity. The sash of comets of the pan-human. iBe praised!