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As predicted, attacks will multiply towards end of August #2016shift when Mars is with Saturn in Ophiuchus - meaning explosions. For now, Mars is with Unukalhai, the Devil's star. Here is a to-do list.

# Martial law. Curfew. Deploy military. Organize vigilanti. # Cut power, water supply, etc from mosques and places of congregation. Sigil such places. # Ban Islam forever from the European continent. # The hand that works is the right one. # Good Muslims taciturnly protected the bad ones.



Religions mainly center on one high god that professes higher self in an initiate and vice-versa; along with its eventual aspectarian, mostly as based on planetary attributions, the so-called pantheon.


Born with the last faint star in Aries ascending – thus the Lamb of precession, Jesus warns versus faux prophets, ditto. That said, the situation is clear as not even the darkest voodoo would profess black mass with beheading of a holy man or god-forbid rape at a cemetery: if there is such an obscure cult we have never heard of it. In that respect even the most variegated Yezid worship, Crowley or European black mass seem sort of civilized. We are facing true demons, corpse eaters, sick psyches who are moreover well-shielded by their taciturn peers, the so-called good Muslims, left wing politics and petrodollar.


The task of a good Muslim is to remain silent of operations as attributed to bad guys whom they of course know all too well: all brothers. The silent brother s therefore the false majority with its faux integration into western society which by the way is sworn not to uphold false prophets. We call it baptism. One baptized is sworn enemy of Satan.


The ideas of equality echoes through “Masonic” systems thus Scotland. True, a high initiate is NEMO thus 0=0 but the man on the street is not his own peer. True Masons are not even men, to be precise, in the common usage of the word. It would seem that some Marxist or something thinks that the mob is always right since they may also be considered equal as egg is egg. But is it? Are all eggs equal? Sheep? Plankton? A Christian can not possibly equal faux prophet worshiper per definition of Christian faith. Europe being Christian is thus no place at all for atheism.


Not even a Hollywood horror film covers it. Machete. Beheadal. Pregnant women. Well-dressed women. Rape. Priest. Graveyards. Backpack bombers. Explosive trucks. Black mass. Beheading a priest in broad daylight? Ever happened? And it is not merely Saturn in reptilian Ophiuchus or Mars with Devil star Unuk-al-Hai. Or Orcus with Alphard and the alike. Those are neither animals, not humans, not even demons proper who serve within an ordered hierarchy.


The Bible does not recommend rat in the kitchen. No religion does. Well, perhaps one in India does, but we don;t invite rats into our sanctuaries. We do however tolerate the infidel among ourselves that go by different names also sinners prevaricators and fornicators. We adore idols. We experiment with too much freedom in too many an unproductive direction. Tolerance of the intolerant is not only STUPID, but has brought the world to chaos & barbarity


Are there other gods? It appears yes, as even vaguely or expressedly mentioned in the Bible. IHVH does in fact hint towards other gods especially Egyptian, but even the Levites sort of embraced forbidden superstition of Chaldean origin falsely known as astrology.


Is killing the Devil forbidden? Whether the Devil exists, about its own “nature” etc, would either yield folio volumes or simple solution. There is hardly dichotomy in disposing of rubbish, though. Everyone understands that we are neutral towards garbage. We don't wave goodbye to junk, neither wave goodbye commemorate it. Jesus purportedly exorcises the world from the Devil and disposes of death. IHVH sets stargate hub at the galax while mentioning zodiacal Auriga and thus Orion. Is killing forbidden when it comes to practical things like disinfection? Are we even forbidden from protecting ourselves? In invoking divine protection, do we await for next random machete attack?

(To be continued) #amWriting #2016shift