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We are now facilitating your approach towards the Art of future-prediction as well as future-changing.

(1)You are now entering a world in which you can predict and change anything at will.

(2)Wars, divorce, bankruptcy and all sorts of bad karma happen for an unreason: disinformation. 

(3)What if we told you that you can start predicting right now? Furthermore: what if we told you that you are quite able to change any future event at any time right now? That would undoubtedly make sense to your true mind: everyone is informed of divine powers within oneself. Let us introduce some.

(4)The first divine power that will help you divine with precision is called arithmetics. If you know how to add, subtract and eventually divide some basic integers, you're in for the show: our material will teach you how to guess with extreme precision – by memory – in minutes – next marriage for anyone asking advice. As a matter of fact, knowing the day of anyone's next marriage can be considered incipient step in astrology. And you don't even need all planets at all to do that: often just a couple of them will do. Note that by planets we mean their positions as represented by numbers: you got the picture!

(5)The second divine power lies in learning how to change any predicted futurity before it happens: it is the art of making all your dreams come true in minutes. We call it RTRRT. 

(6)Welcome to your True Self which has nothing to do with default. Let's make it personal: you predict and also choose what to change within your future and past. You are entitled to claim such simple power since you were made in the face of God. 

(7)Why are people incapable of prediction or magic? Their future seems clouded from them since they are alien to themselves – they are literally not themselves at all! The future is not surprising at all, except from being moldable.   

(8)Everyone wants the best for oneself and dear ones. So why not start with a few simple steps that lead to harmony and power? Instead of choosing the light; people have blundered – wading through karmic backwaters for much too long. It is easy to wake up – look at the sky – the real sky – thus enlighten one's own paths while changing any futurity that does not suit one at all. Yes, we are taking about personal future as predicted and changed – possibly by you. Now? Now. Even within a Mini #RTRRT initiation one has immediately obtained all that is needed in order to influence the future. As armed with 20 Minutes Astrology and RTRRT initiation, one can start predicting and changing any futures right now! 

(9)1008 planets, 22 zodiacal signs, 16 ascendants, 16 Sun signs, universal Cartesian house system – these are the basic specifications and assets of the Academic Zodiac. 

(10)RTRRT stands for Real Time Reality Rendering Tools, a set of simple yet extremely magical techniques that everybody can perform to one’s own advantage. Here are some popular techniques, editions and additions to the RTRRT suite of Instant Magick tools for one: O5, Oberon V Master, Aladdin XI, O5IRIS, Architect, Oberon 5, Magick Wand, Spiral Trees, ETER, INTEGER, Snow Crash, Mentat, Bogey Man, Wish Wheel, PCS, Personal Cosmic Secretary, Personal Cosmic Avatar, O6.

(11)Now that you are so-to-say familiarized with divine arithmetics, imagine what you can do with sphere trigonometry while flaunting no less than 1008 planets: not unlike handling one's personal omniverse fictile. #RTRRT #2016shift